Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fat's Memorial Run to the Kern River

May 31st 2013
 Quick version; We rode up to the Kern River to celebrate, what I think was the 19th annual Fat's Memorial Run with friends and family members who ride up every year.
 The long story is; When we were riding down to San Felipe there's like maybe, maybe, three turns on that road. It's effectively a straight line all the way down from the border. So I'm rolling those corners and fish-tailing out. So I ask Guru Mike and he says your Swing Arm Bearings are shot. True. When I opened them up they were packed in brown dog shit clay and one was freezed. I also did a rub down on the swing arm and pulled the rattle can off exposing the flake beneath. New bearings and I'm ready. Dig my Home Depot 2x4 jack? Everyone dreams of a table lift, I'd settle for any jack... 

The route to Kernville led through Arlen TX (or some town close to it) aka wine country (what isn't right?) and up the twisties to Bodfish. Smooth ride.

 Lunch was at some legend Motocross dude's mountain cabin where his trophy collection now resides on the porch. Thanks for the hospitality!

Camp stories afoot, but suffice to say Daniel spent an hour fly fishun' with Doug and both of them caught (at least what looked like, to me) Sardines. Yeah, he looks cold don't he?
Walter Bishop reads Lady Hump. Do you?
(on a completely unrelated note)

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