Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HOT n' NOT (a guide to current trending Biker attitude for upcoming committee round-table discussions at Born Free 5)

HOT Splitting Lanes
NOT Carpooling

HOT Rebuilding Barn finds
NOT Recycling and Composting

HOT Captian Caps and Green Army Jackets
NOT Denim Vests, Leather Vests, Ass-less Chaps and Trucker Caps

HOT The EDR was fucking awesome!
NOT miserable East Coast cabin fever weather, Thank God you don't live there!

HOT Lounge covers of 80's Heavy Metal songs
NOT Anything on this weeks Top 40 my God it sucks!

HOT Chicks who ride and hang out
NOT Your Bro's who don't and want to hang around you... lame

HOT Molded Frames
NOT Knucklehead Prices

HOT Nude Black-light Laser Tag (replaces Lady Hump Karaoke)
NOT Hipster Glasses and Beanies in the Summer

HOT Biltwell Gringo Helmets
NOT Novelty Jockey Lids worn backwards

HOT Closing your eyes in photos
NOT Sticking your tongue out in photos

HOT Skinny Jeans on Hot Chicks
NOT Skinny Jeans on overweight dudes or any dude anytime

HOT Dolphin Shorts on our Mom
NOT Dolphin Shorts on your Dad

HOT Nunchuck, Bo Staff and Sai training in the front yard shirtless
NOT Television addictions behind closed doors pantsless

HOT Smoking Pipes
NOT eCigs

HOT Dudes 
NOT Dudes wearing Scarves (this ain't the middle east) and pointy boots

HOT Beer
NOT Carbonated Flavored Micro Soft Drinks

HOT Knights in White Satin
NOT Wife Beaters

HOT Wizzards who sleep in Cowboy Boots
NOT Bikers wearing Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

HOT Replacing your Couch with a Mini-Bar
NOT Gym Memberships

HOT "Om nom nom" between Bros
NOT Hairy Nipples (either sex)

HOT Rainbow Lips
NOT Nude Shades of Lipstick

HOT Dead Amy Winehouse
NOT Lindsay Lohan (still alive, we don't know why?)


WhitelinePsycho said...

So good Hump Girl, let the Chopper God Chamber convene.

JBMFT said...

Thanks as always, for keeping us on the straight and narrow.