Saturday, July 6, 2013

Steffan and Dave really wanted to go see FARTBARF ....

... but Dave's bike was playing games like a jealous girlfriend, after a problem less Thousand Mile trip to Redondo Beach from Oregon, now spitting out exhaust through a 40 year old Makuni seal... so it took some love and tenderness and a bribe (exactly like a chick... new seals and new points) to get on the road...

FARTBARF at Gasocalypse 1 from LADY HUMP on Vimeo.

FARTBARF at Gasocalypse 2 from LADY HUMP on Vimeo.

 So the story had a happy ending. Everyone got to go see one of the greatest bands in the world for free LIVE at the Gasser Lounge for Gasocalypse and celebrate the four year anniversary party at the bar!

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