Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Lady Hump TACO TOUR 2013

As if we needed to put the year behind the title. We did anyway. We decided that there still just wasn't enough time to see and do everything in the few short days the boys were in town, so instead of going to just one restaurant to eat, why not make it more... how many more? A lot more... thus was born the Lady Hump Taco Tour 2013. Tool around greater L.A., all afternoon, eating just "one" taco at every stop! We opted for non-trucks just in case the boys got the runs one the road back to Oregon, and we wanted a selection in style somewhat...  We also counted hookers on Figueroa as we traveled across town on Slauson and uptown on Fig. Total count: 14, those worthy of a picture: 0.

And, just in case there's any tape worm embryos ready to go Ellen Ripley on us, we decided it only best to wash everything down with a couple pints of IPA back at the Gasser.

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