Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We're SAFE in Redondo Beach, far away from the Riots in Huntington Beach...

I'm sure you've heard of the "riot" that happened at/after the U.S. Open (surfing) at Huntington Beach? If you haven't you really didn't miss much... or anything at all worthy of mentioning, but some funny pictures came out of it... and if you've seen any video at all, it looks like I Verizon or Tmobile comercial, with everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) holding up their cell phones chanting "I don't know what we're doing but I CAN HEAR YOU NOW!" Read more about the "riot" HERE

So really this was just and excuse to post up these snaps from Heavy Metal Chuck and Jason as they we're ill'n at a nearby convention. Beer Tit Tap was found at the Loser Machine booth... why didn't they have this at Born Free pourin' Pina Coladas and White Russians?

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