Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Punk Rock Wednesday, August 21st 2013

Joe Strummer's Birthday is August 21st, 2013
We're having a party for him at the Gasser Lounge for Punk Rock Wednesday tomorrow!
I've been working on the prizes for those of you knowledgeable enough to answer some trivia questions correctly... (see below)

And I can also tell you we're already planning events for next year. Now I know everyone is already asking me whens the next Hazzard County, and it's in mid-November. We'll announce the actual date once everything is set in stone, blessed by the Pope, and sprinkled with glitter.
But we're also letting those creative juices flow into next year (2014) and we'll be adding several more events to our already jam packed calendar of stupidity! The first of which I'm pleased to announce is the Comb Over Classica; some near-outlaw shit racing right there!
35 miles of danger, spills, and speeding tickets await you!
(but don't crash)
Trophies, Glory Shots, Bikini Waxing, and Motorcycles all rolled up into one great race!
(you'd think we're joking, but you should know us by now. We're totally serious. For reals.)
The dates going to be kept under lock and key because we don't want smokey laying booby trap fuzz nuzzles (radar) along the course... you'll know when we announce it...

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