Friday, August 30, 2013

RECOVERED ::: Jake's PEGGY JEAN Bike STOLEN out of Denton, Texas

Our good friend Jake (Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge regular when he lived in So Cal) had his bike stolen from a College Campus in Denton, Texas yesterday. He bought this bike while he was pounding sand in Afghanistan, fighting for this country, and rebuilt the fucker when he came home stateside! Now some thief has robbed him of her?!?! Bike has a olive/green painted frame, EVO motor and DNA Springer. Some other recognizable parts (see pictures above). If you see this bike or parts thereof, drop a dime and report this theft. 

Thanks to everyone who reposted and blasted this info on Chop Cult, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The bike was located by Police abandoned in an area near where it was stolen from. Eye witnesses said it was stolen using a tow truck in broad daylight and Jake reports the thief filled it with gas before dumping it (he parked it near empty the day prior). GOOD NEWS!!!

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