Sunday, August 18, 2013

SPORTSTERS RUIN (post 13) Sunday (un)Bloody Sunday

This will be the last time you see the Sportsters Ruin build in it's naked and raw panties form. From here out today, is all breakdown and cosmetics, the preverbial gold ring on the pigs snout...

Breakfast with Mikey
 Electricals finished.

Seat pan goes to the upholsterer Tuesday.

And I always thought multi-tasking was a myth, but Mikey's proved me Rong once again with his exceptional dueling skills. (As seen here where he working the grinder with his right and his thumb on his left)
Little known fact about owning a bar; Any injury that does not bleed, is technically, not a work related injury and not reportable by law or protected by blah blah blah speak from guys wearing colone in fancy shark suits. "Missed it by that much!"

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