Friday, August 30, 2013

Thanks to everyone who donated and those of you who were able to attend Camron's funeral today

 Just wanted to again sincerely thank everyone who donated at the fundraiser, donated online, or who was able to make it to Camron's funeral today. Thank you! We did pretty good and we were able to present the collections to the family, including some large pictures of Camron (portraits and riding shots) which I'm sure his daughter will appreciate as she grows up and remembers her father as the loving and caring smiling person that he was.

 We're certainly not an "exclusive" group of riders, damn near anyone is welcome. Many attend our Gasser Lounge / Lady Hump rides and other wild events, some just a few, some so many we're tired of your face! (kidding). Camron had been riding along with us for approx. 2 years and those have all been great times filled with great memories. Thank you Camron for spending the time with us. You will be missed, but not forgotten. 

 And it wouldn't be a ride unless somewhere along the route someone had a minor break-down right?
Couple nut twists and we're back in business, aye Larry?