Friday, August 9, 2013

Zombies in Oregon, Deer Killing, and Redwood Originals

I'm back in town everyone. Made a quick delivery of "Assault Rifles" (code word for vacation) from Charming to Oregon and had a quick beer with Steffan from Zombie Performance who customized (enlarged) some micro apes to fit my wide front end (see below).

Went for the classic and trashy "Unicorn White" powder coating. Would have picked a baby blue meth but thought I'd crash immediately when I couldn't tell me bars from the horizon...

Okay, so yeah, knowing Steffans history with Deers I was playing it extra cautious at night to no avail. After missing 3 or 4 with the Boys in the back of the Ford amazed at how stupid Deers standing in the road could be, all it took was two large stags in the road about 70 miles N/W of Susanville to end that streak. Hit the bigger of the two males. Totally wiped out my headlights (super explosion) and curled up the hood in several places where his horns played Rock, Paper, Scissors and won. He flew (you didn't know Deer could fly hu?) about 40 feet before Action Hero Fail rolling (one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Yeah I'm laughing at the Deers misfortune... what about it? I swear his tongue was flailing out of his mouth as he was looking around seeing little Ford cartoon trucks circling his head like drunken' stars and birds...) and stumbling to get up forever as if he was on fire or something (broken legs kinda hurt, I know from personal experience... what about it?) he then 3 legged jumped into the woods (to die... I presume). He hit so hard he knocked a rubber strip outta the seals around the front wind shield. I limped to the nearest lighted area and taped everything up and pulled his fur chunks outta my grill. I told the next Ranger I saw about it and he giggled saying, "Well... you're not the only one who's hit a Deer up here." Totally better than driving myself into a ditch and whatnot so get over it already Hippies.

AUGUST 30 through SEPT 1st 2013
Make sure if you're in the North West area you swing by for the Zombie Underground Cheap-o-chop off for some camping and drinking party that should turn into the annual "go-to" for Eugene / Oregon area! Come for one night or the whole weekend (depends really on how much drinking you plan to accomplish light weights).

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