Monday, September 30, 2013

Motorcycle Film Festival - Brooklyn, NY

Last Wednesday through Friday we had the Motorcycle Film Festival down at St. Vitus Bar. Put together by like-minded motorcycle and film enthusiasts Corinna Mantlo and Jack Drury, we got a chance to see a week of Shorts, Docs, entire narrative films (like The Best Bar in America!), drink a whole bunch of PBR and check out some pretty sweet rides. Apparently Corinna runs a weekly motorcycle film thing at Lady Jay's that we need to see. After the awards show Saturday night, we all rode over to Mercury Lounge to watch Scott Biram bring the house down with his one-man blues show. Check him out.


Corinna, Paul D'Orleans (of The Vintagent), Jack, and JP (of the Selvedge Yard) 

Kit's Paint Shop

::: KIT's PAINT SHOP :::
Yeah, that's a lie. Kit doesn't have a paint shop (well actually, he does. But that's another story for another time) but this is what he's cranking out, with some flair, for the raffle helmets on this years Escape to Hazzard County 2. Now keep in mind, this is day one of what's sure to be some awsome painted lids; four from our awesome friends at Biltwell Inc. and two more from our new friends on the block; WNDRZ (who carry Beetle helmets state-side) (let me take off a sock and count, that makes Six!) ... and this makes for some pretty sch'wheat raffle prizes this year! (every Event Access T-Shirt sold includes FIVE (5) FREE RAFFLE TICKETS, so how the hell can you go Rong? You cant, you just cant go Rong). 

What's ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY (2) you ask? Really...? Ok.

So yeah, these are some TEASER pics. You know, like the Onion. You have to paint in layers. Kit de peinture en couches, comme l'oignon. Vous peignez une couche, laisser sécher, puis vous peignez le suivant. Lorsque vous avez terminé, c'est magnifique ! When these Onions are finished next week, I'll show you the Glory of Kit's masterful hand-jobs!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


How do you get to Hazzard County? 
Your Hazzard2 T-Shirt purchase is your Event Access for the all inclusive "Escape To Hazzard County 2" group camping trip.
There will be no event day sales and the cut off date for (guaranteed size) T-Shirt purchases will be Nov. 1st. All the details you'll need can be found on the Hazzard County blog;

So where is this years Hazzard County? ... visit the blog already.

Friday, September 27, 2013

@_fartbarf_ Stardate ::: 20130926 :::

at Studio Hermosa Sept. 26th 2013

They played until the bar turned on all the lights and threw everyone out!... "hey, wait a mintue." Nope. You're gone, get out. Flash forward ten minutes; rolled over the Gasser for some night caps on Punk Rock Wednesday.

But wait! There's more... video from the show >>> (It was actually a show on the 25th, but they didn't go on till after midnight so you figure it out...)

FARTBARF 20130926 from LADY HUMP on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

An ode to the late Johnny Lewis

Today. on this day, one year ago...

We're not any closer to discovering the truth behind the death of Johnny Lewis.
But we have our suspicions...

> A former television star who once dated Katy Perry was not on drugs when he killed his landlady then died by falling off the roof of his home, an autopsy has revealed. Initial reports widely spread throughout the media suggested he was under the influence of a designer drug called "smiles." Has anyone heard of this "drug" since? Nope.

> The death of Johnny Lewis was ruled an accident, despite speculation he had committed suicide after murdering 81-year-old Catherine Davis. How many other head-dive-off-garage suicides have you read about? None...

> The autopsy also found that the actor had nail marks on his neck and had been partially strangled, suggesting that Davis tried to fight back when he attacked her... Remember she was up in her 80's and able to fight back against Lewis. Fight the Good Fight Mrs. Catherine Davis.

> Lewis was widely reported to have been on powerful hallucinogenic drugs or medication at the time of his death on September 26. (Allegedly, not true... or was it?)

> He had recently been released from jail and had a string of drug-related arrests before the killing, and his attorney had speculated he might have been in a drug-induced psychosis when he killed Davis. (Sure then, it's obvious sobriety made him "crazy" not the drugs...?)

> The actor had reportedly spent time in a Scientology drug rehab program called Narconon in 2004 and had spoken publicly about the method - although the organization removed all traces of him from their website after his death. (It's as if he never existed...)

I'll always remember Johnny Lewis as the "man with the broach." I don't know any other men that wear broaches, so that's how I'll eternally remember him. Broaches say a lot about a man, don't you agree?

We had our fun at your expense... you earned it with your excellent work on Sons of Anarchy, that's for sure! Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we...

(you get the "smiles" right?)

Which brings us full-circle so to speak for this years 

Full Costume Ride on October 26th 2013 at the Gasser lounge (5pm)


Dress up and come out for some fun!

I almost forgot about today as the anniversary of his death, man am I glad I caught that one... what kind of fan would I be if I missed it? ... and Amy Winehouse, don't let this lead you to believe you're off the hook.

Photos from the Brooklyn Invitational - Part 1: The Outside

So, last Saturday morning we took our hangovers to Root Studios to the Brooklyn Invitational. A five mile ride with minimal breakdowns and only losing one of our crew in the process. Here's what was waiting for us outside.

One horn, but all the colors of the rainbow - Unicorns represent!

Outside the venue at Root Studios

 Our crew from the Tradecraft Brooklyn garage
(photo by Greg Curley)


More random bike photography from the LBCS 9/22/13

Well hot shit! That skyline actually looks pretty good for a Lady Hump photo. Pure accident I tell you...

Sanford and Son Salvage bike. I've seen this dude rolling PCH once or twice and haven't yet met him but he's got the right idea. Dig the originality.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Brubaker Sports Van 
by Automecca

Funny when Kit and I walked over to take a couple pictures of this ride, Kit started talking to Andy, the current owner. It turns out Kit knows the guy who built these back in the day (making Kit a whole lot older than the rest of us... just kidding. There's a longer version of this story with a longer explanation, but it wasn't nearly as rib poking.) Can't wait to see this in a real photo-shot environment after it's restoration is taken a bit farther!
This thing has so much potential for paint options it's making my head spin...

Photographed at the LBCS 9/22/13

Monday, September 23, 2013

Van In, Turn On, and Chop Out

We're throwing this out there for all the Van enthusiasts amongst us... 
Your chance to take home a Van for a $25. raffle ticket? Crazy...

DiCE Magazine Pre-Party in Brooklyn!

Friday night was all about choppers, chick fights and liver destruction down at DiCE Mag's pre-party for the Brooklyn Invitational. The party at Lone Wolf lasted until 5am and you couldn't walk 2 feet in that place without running into everyone you ever met on two wheels in Brooklyn. We had so much fun we almost didn't make it to the Invitational the next day.

Out in front of Lone Wolf lined up on Broadway. 
(I saw two people on Police KZ1000's, where are people getting these?)