Thursday, September 26, 2013

An ode to the late Johnny Lewis

Today. on this day, one year ago...

We're not any closer to discovering the truth behind the death of Johnny Lewis.
But we have our suspicions...

> A former television star who once dated Katy Perry was not on drugs when he killed his landlady then died by falling off the roof of his home, an autopsy has revealed. Initial reports widely spread throughout the media suggested he was under the influence of a designer drug called "smiles." Has anyone heard of this "drug" since? Nope.

> The death of Johnny Lewis was ruled an accident, despite speculation he had committed suicide after murdering 81-year-old Catherine Davis. How many other head-dive-off-garage suicides have you read about? None...

> The autopsy also found that the actor had nail marks on his neck and had been partially strangled, suggesting that Davis tried to fight back when he attacked her... Remember she was up in her 80's and able to fight back against Lewis. Fight the Good Fight Mrs. Catherine Davis.

> Lewis was widely reported to have been on powerful hallucinogenic drugs or medication at the time of his death on September 26. (Allegedly, not true... or was it?)

> He had recently been released from jail and had a string of drug-related arrests before the killing, and his attorney had speculated he might have been in a drug-induced psychosis when he killed Davis. (Sure then, it's obvious sobriety made him "crazy" not the drugs...?)

> The actor had reportedly spent time in a Scientology drug rehab program called Narconon in 2004 and had spoken publicly about the method - although the organization removed all traces of him from their website after his death. (It's as if he never existed...)

I'll always remember Johnny Lewis as the "man with the broach." I don't know any other men that wear broaches, so that's how I'll eternally remember him. Broaches say a lot about a man, don't you agree?

We had our fun at your expense... you earned it with your excellent work on Sons of Anarchy, that's for sure! Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we...

(you get the "smiles" right?)

Which brings us full-circle so to speak for this years 

Full Costume Ride on October 26th 2013 at the Gasser lounge (5pm)


Dress up and come out for some fun!

I almost forgot about today as the anniversary of his death, man am I glad I caught that one... what kind of fan would I be if I missed it? ... and Amy Winehouse, don't let this lead you to believe you're off the hook.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Ah, sweet memories, holed scrotums, open craniums, baglickers, man brooches, true fans never forget.