Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hazzard Sweet Goodness (in a Bag)

Aside from the EVENT T-SHIRT that gets you in, your "Goodie Bags" are going to be filled with tons of take-homes you know you're going to dig. If we do FREE shop rags for every Ride/Event at the Gasser Lounge, imagine that on a Meth Cocktail over Steroid Rocks injected directly into your eye-balls!!! There will be NO event day admission sales. Advance sale info on the following link > EVENT T-SHIRT 

This weekend starts our Escape to Hazzard County promo campaign. We'll start with 5,000 postcards and hit every like-minded event we can find over the next month and a half! Gonna be like ninja-Bart Simpson slinging Chinese menu's on every chopper this side of Shelbyville.

more teaser stuff coming up on the blog:

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