Monday, September 30, 2013

Kit's Paint Shop

::: KIT's PAINT SHOP :::
Yeah, that's a lie. Kit doesn't have a paint shop (well actually, he does. But that's another story for another time) but this is what he's cranking out, with some flair, for the raffle helmets on this years Escape to Hazzard County 2. Now keep in mind, this is day one of what's sure to be some awsome painted lids; four from our awesome friends at Biltwell Inc. and two more from our new friends on the block; WNDRZ (who carry Beetle helmets state-side) (let me take off a sock and count, that makes Six!) ... and this makes for some pretty sch'wheat raffle prizes this year! (every Event Access T-Shirt sold includes FIVE (5) FREE RAFFLE TICKETS, so how the hell can you go Rong? You cant, you just cant go Rong). 

What's ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY (2) you ask? Really...? Ok.

So yeah, these are some TEASER pics. You know, like the Onion. You have to paint in layers. Kit de peinture en couches, comme l'oignon. Vous peignez une couche, laisser sécher, puis vous peignez le suivant. Lorsque vous avez terminé, c'est magnifique ! When these Onions are finished next week, I'll show you the Glory of Kit's masterful hand-jobs!

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