Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Omg Omg Omg....

"Omg, is that Jax?"
Sons of Anarchy starts again tonight and you have an important (or impotent, depending on your selection...) choice to make;
Watch imaginary people live imaginary lives on television,
or go outside and live a real life...?
Choose wisely Grasshopper
(ironic that I used a television reference to make a non-television point isn't it? Or, is it?)
"so who's that Beef Cake Hunk with Shades of Gray on Jaxxies bike?"

 That sexy "naked" Stud is someone you'll know from our videos, someone you know you want to party with (*hint hint* Escape to Hazzard County 2)

(pics from the Giant Rock Run / The Revenge, 4/20/13)

"Wait is that Jax?"

SEPT. 14th 2013

Now first off, we WILL NOT be smuggling any "AK's" on Saturday (Sept. 14th 2013) but we will be riding motorcycles from the Gasser Lounge, we meet at 11:30 am, KSU 12:30 and we're rolling to the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally to enjoy a live performance by The Curly Wolf and we'll check out all the motos on the Venice scene. Then we're going to be rolling north to Hollywood to hit up our favorite bikini dancing bar, Jumbos. After that it's back to the Gasser for the Lady Hump Birthday Party!

Once again (while supplies last, I made 30) we're giving away FREE shop rags to all riders
(FREE shop rags at every ride we throw all year long.. can't beat that can you? fun to collect, fun to trade, weeee.... )

Come out and get yours on Saturday

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