Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Bikes at the Long Beach Cycle Swap 8/25/13

Damn little cafe' racers are all over this place... Tear Up what you Got!
Like putting varmint milk in your chopper cereal, but that's jus' my hillbilly opinion.

This bike has very decieving lines along it's back.

Respect the lines.

Not convinced this frame can handle the madjesty of a Sportster power plant.

Just a diversion from the Bagger Nation... oh man it get's old walking through the parking lot of Stocktopia. And why is it the number one modification is to put ridiculous ape hangers on your bike that's obviously show room fresh? 500 spoke skinny tire white wall wheels and mile long fish tails? You couldn't turn a corner to save your life with those pipes draggin' essay. Fuck that's played out brotha'... way out.

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Moto Messiah said...

Cafe Racers are the new chopper bobbers whatevers .. But your right not as played out as the skinny tire apehaing baggers .. The D-bags love those baggers here in T-Town...