Sunday, September 8, 2013


The Road to Ruin began as a private event enjoyed by a small group of friends who have a passion for the machines they ride, and a deep respect for those who've helped build the scene that they love.

A decision was made to open Road to Ruin as an annual "ride and camp" event, with the help of sponsors to donate products to participants, while promoting their goods, and helping build a stronger scene for choppers and lowbrow moto riders throughout the vast state of Texas ... and beyond. 

Instead of attending the watered down "rallies" that take place throughout the state, you oughtta come set up camp down by the river in San Saba, Tx., and ride the Road to Ruin. All makes and models are welcome, but we do lean toward home-built and customized choppers, bobbers, and cruisers. If you're gonna come, make damn sure to have a blast, while being courteous and polite to the locals in and around San Saba. Those are the rules. Dig?

This years event will require each guest to sign a register and receive an event wristband. Event admission & camping is FREE. Donations will be accepted and GREATLY APPRECIATED. Raffle tickets will be for sale at the gate, with prizes courteously provided by our sponsors.

... and guess who one of their sponsors is? Yep.
If you live anywhere within about 500 miles of San Saba, you need to come out and support some Chop Cult'ers putting on a campout. Get together with some like minded uber-dullards and mega-dimwits and kill a few brain cells!!! Yee Haw (liberty taken with the expletives... as Lady Hump is known to do, actually, doesn't know any other way to do, except to full retard it...) 
Texas Hill Country, San Saba TX.
October 13th 2013 

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