Saturday, September 7, 2013

SEPT 14th 2013 ::: VVMC Rally, The Curly Wolf, and the Beaver Hunter Ride all wrapped up with a Birthday Bow

Next Weekend's Plans...
(updated information)

We're meeting at the Gasser at 11:30 AM on Saturday Sept. 14th, 2013
KSU 12:30 PM Rolling to the VVMC Rally in Venice
2:00 PM Supporting one of our favorite bands, the Curly Wolf performing LIVE at the VVMC Rally

Later in the day, we'll cruise to Hollywood
Watch Strippers Dance
Return to the Gasser by 10'ish something o'clock to wait for the Beaver to make his grand entrance!
and somewhere in all that we'll have Cake n' Bailey's (from a shoe).

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