Thursday, October 3, 2013


Pretty damn sure everyone already knew that... obviously. "How would I know that?" You frequent the Lady Hump often Bubba? I ask, How did you not know that? But now it's in print striaght from the LA Weekly, LA's best local magazine, LA Weekly has been described as "The Bible of what to do and where to go in LA." Check it out! Available all over LA & the Valley in finer coffe shops, barber shops, and more than likely at the exit of every Mom n' Pop shop this side of the County Line (Hazzard County)!

(Random Gasser Lounge photography)

Not much of a surprise, but nice to see the recognition. Good work Gasser Lounge in making somewhere worth visiting. Oh, and since we haven't said it in some time, Fuck The Pier!

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Johnny No said...

Congrats ...... that is awesome. Keep up the good work !