Thursday, October 24, 2013


If you've been to one, you already know! CARNEVIL at the Gasser Lounge is off the hook! Three Nights, October 25th, 26th, and 31st this year (with the Nightmare Before Hazzard County / Full Costume Ride on the 26th). Be there one night, or like some, be there for all three... We've been in full production all month long and it's going to be horrifically grand!

The Full Costume Ride will stay on the streets, we've arranged with some Hazzard County friends to bar hop local, drink specials, etc., so if your costume is spandex, lingerie, or some other thin polyester see-through material... great! And you already know, FREE collectible* event shop rags for motos all year long for every ride hosted by the Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge, so ride on down and pick one up! 

* Not counting the ones Wyatt had hanging in the garage and his Uncle tore off the wall to clean up some oil! "You did what...????? You used what!!!!!" (I'll see if I can replace some of them, but I usually give them all away or include them in mail orders after the event... sorry Wyatt!)

Dead Marrionette Theatre performances all three nights!

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