Thursday, October 31, 2013


So, after the festivities this weekend, we decided to take the BSA's out for a spin, and I had to run by my buddy Curley's birthday party for his little girl.

The Odd Couple - Corinna Mantlo's 68' BSA Lightning
and my 68' BSA Lightning chopper

headed to a princess party!

 We stayed late, hung out a bit afterward, and decided it was time to go our separate ways, I headed back to the garage to drop off the chopper and pick up my daily rider, the Suzuki. It was a little after midnight on Saturday, and I was heading to the last traffic light in my hood before home when - BANG! Some jerkwad ran a stop sign and pulled out in front of me and forced me to lay it down. I dropped the bike, but I ended up flying through the air and colliding with a parked car. I wish i could tell you more but i was unconscious after that and he left me there for dead. Luckily some friendly neighbors saw the whole thing happen and called the paramedics. I woke up some time later on the ER table, fighting with some guy who was trying to take my pants off. I'm totally fine, bruised up and stitched up, but no internal injuries or brain damage or anything like that. Just a reminder to look both ways, even the way you're not going, and never underestimate the power of one stupid person.

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