Friday, October 18, 2013

Escape To Hazzard County 2, Raffle Sponor ::: AFTER HOURS CHOPPERS

~ Giving a nod to the Original Inspiration ~

Gabe from After Hours Choppers just sent me a box of t-shirts and (2) Titmouse Taillights to add to the already jam packed Hazzard County Raffle table this year. Some awesome products; taillights, risers, oil tanks, oddball choppers shit can be found on his site (if you've never visited it... shame on you. Go check it out). And, thank you Gabe. 

But I'm also going to share some of the underlying history of behind the origins of the "Escape To Hazzard County" basics. Mikey from the Gasser Lounge had the greatest idea ever when he wanted to throw a big fun camp-out for all the friends of the Lady Hump and the Gasser Lounge. But we wanted it organized, not just some show-up and throw-up event over cold beans and tainted stream water, messing in the woods like a starving Bear with a bad case of diarrhea...

So, there's two companies (rather the hardworking often unthanked and overlooked people behind those companies) that I'm going to mention. First off, Biltwell Inc. who've been in front of us since the beginning (you should know what I mean). Through their events; the Biltwell Bash, the Chop Meet, the Riots, the EDR's. They taught us you could successfully throw grassroots underground parties/events/overnighters and people could show up and genuinely have a great time!  

Secondly, After Hours Choppers, who through the Philo Beddoe Family Reunion events, taught me, you could organize that chaos into something more... The "Philo" charged a fee but offered camping, riding, swimming, drinking, and hosted raffles with prizes from some of the best grassroot chopper companies out there, along with... wait for it... gourmet meals. Doesn't sound all that "special" to you? Let me be the first to tell you, yeah, those meals fucking kicked ass!!! I know a hundred guys who will second me on this one. The events were total success hands down for being the best of times. That right there, is what we wanted in anything we did...

The Escape To Hazzard County(s) are meant to be good times shared by friends together (and if you're not our friend yet, you will be at Hazzard County). No dick wagging or hyper studded uberisms welcome. We charge a fair price to come, but you more than get that back in return if you come to the table, like to drink beer, eat chili and BBQ, like a chance at winning great prizes, taking home a bag full of goodies and an event shirt, listening to live music all night... 

It's not a pitch, but it's starting to sound like one. So I'll shut up and just, once again, sincerely thank Biltwell and thank you Gabe from After Hours Choppers who both took the time to pay it forward, along with all the other raffle sponsors this year (check out the current raffle selections on the Hazzard Blog), for us so we could throw something awesome at you! It's your choice if you wanna pony up and get on the hay ride? Just stop yer' bitchin if you dont come and keep complaining there's never anything to do... there is in fact, plenty to do, all the time.


Pictures from 
The Philo Beddoe Family Reunion 2012

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