Thursday, October 3, 2013

Famous Stanley qoutes; "Did I stutter?"

It's KINGS HOCKEY season once again at the Gasser Lounge, and if you read the article in the LA WEEKLY, the Gasser Lounge was selected as the BEST BAR IN THE SOUTH BAY. One of the many reasons why? Cause it is. Another reason, we're KINGS Fans!!!

Friday Our Beloved Kings are back on the ice to take on the Jets starting at 5pm.  Now we realize having a full season this year means the return of regular season interleague play, but sending our boys all the way up to Winnipeg seems a bit ridiculous.  How are they supposed to spend all summer cruising the beaches of the South Bay then head up to friggin' Manitoba (where the men are men and the women are also men) and not claw their eyes out?!  Cruel and unusual scheduling, brah.

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