Monday, October 21, 2013

Inside the Artist's Studio, with Wuss Army Kit

Kit's been a professional sign painter for over twenty something years now and his highly awesome but always humble work ethic is so underground that you'd probably never notice it was by his hand... He doesn't have a web-store or offer up his craft for sale, but when he does his thing, you know it not going to be your run of the mill tape and flake.

Here's some of the work he's doing for Escape to Hazzard County 2 and a little lower, I'll showcase some of the previous work he's done that you might not immediately recognize as his. So, yeah we're way stoked that he's painting the Biltwell Inc. and WNDRZ helmets we're going to raffle off at this years Hazzard campout.

Some of his previous sweetness and gold leafing

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