Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Nightmare Before Hazzard County

October 26th 2013

There's a little "dress up" bar hop this Saturday evening at 5pm (meeting at the Gasser Lounge) tooling local, no cross county expeditions to the planet Vulcan or the top of Mt. Wilson... expect local flavor. For those of you who are allowed to stay out past bedtime, The Dead Marionette Theatre will be performing back at the Gasser later that evening. If you've never seen the show, you need to. Serious. Mikey has been maiming and killing the production staff for this years show, so expect both the risk of incendiary burns and photosensitive epilepsy!!! (we've been testing the visual stimuli required to duplicate both absence seizures AND tonic-clonic seizures and so far have positive results. We've yet to test it on a full audience, but it should be awesome! I'ma go Pokemon on your skull. Funky Chickens everywhere!!! Pregnant women might not want to be there for this one, but really, why would pregnant women be at the bar anyway? Not responsible for induced labors or bodily injury as a result of pyrotechnics.)

... and yeah, more FREE shop rags for riders.

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