Wednesday, October 30, 2013

There's one last chance to see the Dead Marionette Theatre in 2013...

We may have already held our annual Full Costume Ride, The Nightmare Before Hazzard County, and we've already had two stellar shows with DMT, but there's still one encore performance to be had at the Gasser Lounge when The Dead Marionette Theatre pull out all the stops on October 31st 2013 (Halloween Night)

... plus hey, who's not going to miss yet another chance to dress up and play something other than "biker" like they all do on the weekends? Shit gets so old I wanna new drug... (probably the worst lyrics of any Huey Lewis song ever).

And as I always am fond of quoting myself; "Get your Puckered Starfish off the Rod Iron fence and do something besides complaining there's never anything to do!"

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