Friday, October 25, 2013

Time is running out ... tick tock, tick tock

The Deadline set for Shirt Sales (i.e., your ticket into Hazzard County) is November 1st. After that, the shirt order will already be in production at Lady Hump HQ and we'll not likely make many extras... you snooze, you looze... BUY YOUR SHIRT NOW 

Thanks again to everyone who's already reserved their spot at what is sure to be a great, private, all-inclusive campout, raffle and party. You should have received the first Hazzard Email No.1 by this time (or if you just bought a shirt today, by Monday then, this weekend is going to be slightly crazy with the Nightmare Before Hazzard County and CARNEVIL at the Gasser Lounge). The Second Hazzard Email will be delivered the during first week of November.


John James said...

Are dogs allowed to the event?

Lady Hump said...

Pets would be a bad idea. Seriously discouraged.

RumbleonLeft said...

Yes, unsightly women are to be left at home!