Monday, November 18, 2013


It takes a long time to build a County. In this case, we had to cram "a long time" into one day... Saturday November 16th was the 2nd annual Escape to Hazzard County, a hillbilly campout hosted by The Gasser Lounge and (yours truly) Lady Hump!

Curly Wolf


and trust me, just ask my wife Lady Alizon, preppig chili for 500 is no small task...
 ... totally doable, but you've gotta have the support, good friends and dedicated volunteers who put out for the good of the event because they believe in the event. We owe a huge thanks to all the volunteers at this years Escape to Hazzard County, and really, they're the one who made the event a success! The unthanked heros behind the scenes at Hazzard County. To all of them, Thank You!

There's just so many volunteers and people who helped, that each deserve so much thanks, it's pretty overwhelming to put together something on such a kick-ass scale! We did it, all of us together!

... and (of course who we did it for? You) none of it possible without the people paying to attend, thank you for supporting our little hill billy campout and we know you had a rad time cause we put a lot of effort into it... big kisses to you all!

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