Monday, November 25, 2013

Hillbilly Campout of the Year ? ... that would be ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY 2

The illusion is I sat down for about as long as it took to take this photo.

Pictures are starting to roll in fast and curious at Lady Hump HQ. We're working on a couple shoot-offs from, what has been continuously told to me, as the event of the year (? not my words, don't get your panties in a bag of ruffles I recon')... a movie IS in the editors room, just a dumb fun collection of all the craziness, events, games, contests, drinking and more drinking going on, and some other stuff. And for those 500+ of you who were there and noticed (scratching your head) the extremely large photo booth back drop wall set up, we're editing those pictures too! Too much penis Rev. Those are shit-can from the beginning. Can't wait to see what blossoms outta this!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Sounds and looks like a hazardous success mate, congrats.