Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last weekend we went to the Long Beach Cycle Swap and saw "Spiderman"

Been super busy with Hazzard County prep, and the blogs kinda playing 2nd fiddle till after Hazzard County, but me and Kit hit up the LBCS in full costume a week ago to promote. And you know how sometimes way off in the distance you see something that catches your eye? Well, this was on a trailer way across the parking lot and we walked over to take a look see. Who says you cant pick up a Shovel at a reasonable price? Sure, there's another grand worth of work needed, but come one, this was pretty damn awesome. Don't know anything else about the bike, just grabbed a couple shots of her before heading home for the night (yeah, it was a longggggg night) and crashing.

Spiderman? B St. SpecialTies ? Lucky ? Houdini ? Someone knows something... ???