Saturday, November 23, 2013

Literally his ASS was Hazzard Bound ( get a tattoo)

"Oh, I'm Hazzard bound
I did a crime one too many times
It's on the outskirts of town, by the railroad tracks
Where the country moon shines
Oh, I'm Hazzard bound
Tell my girl I'll be back one day
Oh, I'm Hazzard bound
I may never live any other way..."

To properly get a tattoo, I told Naked Rob that it would be best if he took off all his "more restrictive" clothing. It's a matter of form over function, sure you could tattoo your ass still wearing clothing, but one would be much more comfortable fully nude for the experience. 

(These are the PG pictures, the R and better ones we're saving for the next Lady Hump photography book, 2013, which should be available for purchase in February 2014... oh yeah!)

Sweet cheeks Naked Rob!

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