Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some of the Bikes at ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY 2

Who doesn't visit the Lady Hump for pictures of bikes right? Sure, there's enough stupidity between bike pictures to ease the tougher crowd away, but this is supposed to be for fun right? We still love bike pictures and with (over) 500 people in attendance at this years Escape To Hazzard County 2, I'm going to say near 90% came on motorcycle. Now remember, this isn't a jock-version of a "Biker" event, by no means. This was a super fun, super friendly, "Hillbilly Campout" and that's the charm of missing a tooth and having a bunion and maybe somewhere floating in your gene pool is a close knit blood kin! Cheers Hazzard County! Let the bike shots roll....

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