Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Super Deluxe @ Gasser Lounge

You know we tried to keep it under control, but once we let a little out we couldn't stop it from getting all over the place!  Now we've got a four-alarm sexy inferno going on that can only be put out with one thing... champagne!  Good thing we stocked up.  

After a year like 2013, there's only one way to go out- with a BANG, brah!  Don't ring in the new year at some dumb house party watching that fruit Ryan Seacrest pretend he's showing you a good time... cuz he's not.  The only thing that guy wants to show you is a waist-high puppet show behind a dumpster in back of Denny's.  BA-ZING!

We've got a great night planned for you right here at Gasser Lounge this New Year's Eve chock full of good-time music, well-dressed folks, and (of course) dumb shennanigans.   All seating is first-come, first served and we don't want it to look like the cows piling into Wal-Mart when they open the doors on Black Friday so do yourselves a favor and arrive early.  Also, here's a little bar etiquette for NYE- don't wait until 11:55pm to refresh your drinks.  Do yourself a favor and order your next round as early as possible so our staff can get to everyone in time.  We'll be very busy with the champagne toast at midnight and we don't want ANYONE ringing in 2014 with an empty glass!!

Our Beloved Kings take on the Dallas Stars at 5pm, and we'll be open at 4pm so you can get all settled in before the puck drops... and we don't want to hear any crap about how you can't come watch the game and still make it out for the midnight festivities, either.  We've been conditioning you all year long and guess what?  You're ready, kid.  Now strap on your big boy skates and prance on out to center ice so we can all get a good look at what a full-grown party animal looks like.  Oh, how majestic!

New Year's Day we'll be open at 9am as Georgia takes on Nebraska in the Holy Fuck That Is Way Too Early To Wake Up After a Night at Gasser bowl.  9am?  Seriously?!  Awesome.  Guarantee we'll still be wearing the remnants of our outfits from the night before... and probably still have the buzz going too.  Pure class.

We'll also be showing the first game of the NHL Winter Classic Series at 10am as the Red Wings take on the Maple Leafs.  (Shouldn't it be Maple Leaves?)  We can pretty much guarantee that hockey players don't know how to NOT drink on NYE so this game might just be a drunken slug fest.  Should be fun.

Alright then.  We have to go dig out the fancy crap we balled up and threw in the back of the closet after last New Year's party.  After all, we don't want Ryan Seacrest to be late for his big night.  Oh bam!  We got him again!  Let's party, folks.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

RIP Lonnie Hansen

Lonnie Hansen (top left) at Hazzard County 2

We never know how long we have on this Earth. We received word from friends and family that Lonnie Hansen, Gasser Lounge regular, Escape To Hazzard County veteran, and fellow Torrance resident, passed away yesterday. Lonnie was a survivor. A double amputee, having lost both legs, the reason for his passing has something to do with complications from that condition. I really don't know but I do know a lot of people are missing him today. Thank you Lonnie for sharing a part of your life with us! 
More info as I have it.

Here's one of the few pictures I have from Lonnie and Brandon at Hazzard County 2. The day was so hectic for me and Mikey, it wasn't until after 3 am that we finally had a chance to sit down and somewhat relax. It was Brandon and Lonnie who offered to make us sandwiches  (we had been so busy we missed both the BBQ lunch and the Chili Dinner at this point... ). Thanks guys!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Lady Hump

Women Who Ride

The Women's Motorcycle Exhibition LINK HERE

Thanks to Miss Dixienormas and Mr Debauchery who submitted some snaps from the exhibition on Dec 22nd 2013 in Riverside, CA. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

FARTBARF Gives you Joy & Snuggles for Christmas ...

Fartbarf LIVE at Saint Rocke, December 22nd, 2013

Live To Fartbarf, Fartbarf To Live!

Nothing says you've got the Christmas spirit living in you than enjoying the fine sounds of Fartbarf! The best show I've been to all month for sure. You've seen these guys on my blog before, so there's no "who's that?" factor, even Soleil Moon Fry was in the audience last night. Historically (and especially in the South Bay) you've got milestone era markers; The Beach Boys to come out of Hawthorne. Black Flag came out of Redondo. Guns n' Roses come out of Los Angeles... And you have Fartbarf on the horizon. yeah, tall order. They fucking fill it. Give me Fartbarf or give me death...

Sunday, December 22, 2013

December at the Long Beach Cycle Swap with 24CYCLES

Great day for a Swap... perfect SoCal weather. Atom/24Cycles (and by default Lady Hump) can now be found located monthly in spots 810-811-812. Be sure to swing by and hug up some dudes... Miss Dixienormas stopped by the 24Cycles booth where we were selling Escape To Hazzard County Calendars for 2014. Met a couple of people I didn't know that we featured inside the Calendar, that was pretty cool. 

Miss Dixienornormas and her husband Mr Debauchery were selling their goods at their own Jackalope shot down the row from us, pretty killer stuff from their collection, also available through @jacalopetradeshop on IG if you spy something you can't live without. They're good Hazzard people!

Cool Van in the parking lot

Spied in a random vendor spot, Drill Team tanks, wow!

Some bikes in the lot 
(Lot was pretty empty today, but the swap was full. Most peole drove gift shopping I think...?)

Wanna get your own 2014 Calendar?

Friday, December 20, 2013


2013 Best of Lady Hump, No.1
Escape To Hazzard County 2 was for sure, the funnest camping trip / event we've ever been too. All the moons of Jupiter were in perfect alignment and the threat of bad weather "Behemoth" graced us with a perfect weekend. True there were some who passed out early and missed the all-nighter, but we told you it was going to be all night long, you've got no one but yourself to blame...

Wuss Army Kit
The sign read "The Freindiest Place in California..." to begin with and I thought people wouldn't get it so we added the missing "l"... either way, it's the spirit of friendship that made Hazzard County rock so hard. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time with us. Sure there were some very minor retard moves, but all in all everything was a success. Sincerely, Thank you. 

"The Cock Fight" (in homage, if not a indirect rip-off of the Coctagon), "what's stupider than whiffle-ball bats?" Rubber Chickens I think... The Daisy Duke / Miss Hazzard County 2013 Contest, the "Hillbilly Games" crowing the He-Man of Hazzard County, the live bands... 
(pic by Truckneck ... I think?)

(5 pics above by James Exley)

... the booze. Lots' and lots of booze.

Thanks to Alan Stedman who kept the artwork flowing every time I dropped a dime with a new idea! Thank you Sir.

Yeah, those are Raffle Prizes under chicken wire! Super huge thanks once again to Sailor Jerry, Biltwell Inc., After Hours Choppers, B.A. Moto, Chop Cult, Zombie Performance (with 11 sets of bars, wtf???), Americana Speed Shop, Wrench Magazine, WNDRZ, Speed King Steve, Caballero Choppers, Lone Rangers MC, Loud n' Greasy, and neither last nor least, Rolling Heavy Magazine. And everyone else who (in the spirit of things) brought in more give-aways and just added to the mix!

 You know what it takes to make just the chili dinner for 500+ people? A lot of damn beans!, 200 lbs of ground beef, lots of other parts, spices, sauces, and lots of pots... proper planning makes things doable, thanks to Lady Alizon for organizing that and all the Kitchen Vixens who volunteered to help! Crazy, yeah, a little. And you need a truck to haul it all up to Hazzard County too...

When and Where did you pass out?
Goodnight Sweet Prince(s), you earned this rest... until next year

There will be a short HC2 Movie premier at the Gasser Lounge sometime in late January... we'll keep you posted. We also take a little break (stop posting) on the Lady Hump until January 1st'ish so we can all spend time focused on family (even if that family is YOU). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Mikey's @gasserlounge got the raddest blanket...
Thanks for another great year of visiting the Lady Hump (for some reason you chose to spend some amount of your free time here, thank you. I had 541 post this year compared to 1007 last year(?), but it sure felt like I was even busier this year over last on the blog. Plus we added another blog to our family www.EscapeToHazzardCounty.com and put a lot more work into our events and parties all year long (not to mention free shop rags at every ride we hosted!, yeah, that was a lot of out of pocket change... still waiting for the one guy who must have collected them all?)(Not to mention those missing posts probably went into the @Lady_Hump IG feed, hit that if you need even more Lady Hump in your life).

... and if I don't see you again; good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

BEST OF GASSER LOUNGE COUNTDOWN, No. 2, Mikey B's White Trash Pool Party!!!

No. 2 on the Lady Hump countdown is...

Every year the Gasser Lounge celebrates it's anniversary with a party that lasts from Friday till Sunday... and every Sunday during that party we celebrate Mikey B's White Trash Pool Party! The best of the best of the best when it comes to throwing parties is the Gasser Lounge, with both quantity and quality, all year long, and for the other bars in Redondo Beach we knock their dicks in the dirt. And no, they're not invited to party with us either...