Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2013 BEST OF LADY HUMP COUNTDOWN No. 11, ... in a galaxy far far away STAR WARS DE MAYO


 If there's still any doubt we know how to party, you should probably buy a copy of Redbook or Cosmo or some other women's magazine and complete one of those surveys, something like; "Are You a Frigid Bitch?" Then pull the rubber safety cone sized cork out of your ass and come on down and party like it's the "Last Shuttle to Endor..." sung by a dead zombie animated Davey Jones. leave your hardcore jock-biker attitudes at community college or Jiffy Lube, wherever you SOA trend setters mingle... who knows? You might just save the Princess and get to kiss her (and she's your sister, and we're all okay with that here. jus' saying.)


My X-Wing Shovelhead

Any excuse to line up sexy dudes on a Donkey is an excuse I'm going to support!

Getting arrested at Olvera Street

Yeah, we made a huge Death Star Pinata filled with Stormtrooper, C3po, and Darth Vader hand painted sugar skulls!!! Totally funking killed it. Totally!!!

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