Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 BEST OF LADY HUMP COUNTDOWN: No. 13, The further adventures of Whiskey Ben, Naked Rob, and a Pet Goat on a e-Ticket weekend to end all weekend benders

Sometimes the wind just comes up and takes caution away. Right from your fingertips... you can fight the hurricane force winds of change of you can go along happily for the ride. Small moto-camping trips can sometimes be the perfect weekend getaways; just add a few friends, a few supplies, and let nature take it's course. As for the gun smuggling? I don't really remember what happened to them? Maybe we buried them in the desert in preparation for the oncoming Apocalypse. Lordy knows my unicorn dusted magic spells and Naked Robs wang wont be enough to fend off the hoard of plucked naked tongue lashing Mily Cirus Devil-chickens when they burst forth from the crust of the Earth...!

Lily Allen Wuz Here!!! omg

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