Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 BEST OF LADY HUMP COUNTDOWN: No.5, Bonanno Pisano would be proud...


The annual facials and the topless dancers on the Beaver Hunter Ride... but wait, that's the end of the night? How did this happen (again)?

His name is Heavy Metal Chuck.
He likes to party.
He likes to get down...

Perhaps I should start by backing up just a bit and explaining that every year we roll on the Beaver Hunter Ride to celebrate the Exxon Valdez. No, that's not right, to celebrate the Fall Equinox. Why? Why the hell not? Because it's my birthday then... happy now? Dueling Peni Red Vine Cake for everyone!!! Eat it. It fell on the floor, but we're going to eat it anyway.

tilt your head back and relax...

Still, that's probably not backing it up far enough to explain the entire story of the Beaver Hunter Ride. "There's a ride?"

Sure enough. But you've got to prepare yourself to endure and entire day of partying. From the beginning of the ride, set your alarm early. In fact go to bed early the night before if you need to? To all destinations, from one side of town to another and back again, once you're on this roller coaster getting off can be more dangerous than swallowing your stomach and just holding on for dear life...

And it's really all about the company you keep. Good friends take fermentation. We started the ride off by tooling down the coast past the reclamation facility (always a sight to see your poop steaming off the highest rendering tower, yep, let's recycle that water) to Venice, where we drank the afternoon away listening to the sweet sounds of Curly Wolf playing live at the annual VVMC rally.

From there it's off to Hollywood for some Clown Time... Somewhere along the lines we at some meals, I'm not really sure when or where, but we must have had lunch and dinner at some point? Read: Blackouts Happen.

... and by the prime time, back to the Gasser Lounge to polish the night off with a early morning tilt that even Bonanno Pisano would be proud of. Truth.

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