Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 BEST OF LADY HUMP COUNTDOWN: No. 16, Best PON FARR Tournament of Champions

If you're going to ride out to Vasquez Rocks, you might as well make it worth your while...

Starlog: On the cusp of epicness! It was a rad ride out to Vasquez Roxx for the Pon Farr Tournament of Champions (on site refreshments courtesy of the Gasser Lounge). There's little denying this was one of those epic struggles on a distant world for domination of the species. That damn CRFyou had some military training skills he used to defeat my 9-broken-ribs-still-healing challenge... payback is coming in 2014. I've been practicing!

"Does this look right to you?"

Oh hey... wasn't there a video from that ride?
I think there was.
The Vulcan Jesus Ride, CRFyou v. ALLEN from LADY HUMP on Vimeo.

I'll admit sometimes there's spelling errors in my posts. what do you expect? I'm a Doctor Jim not a English Teacher..

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