Sunday, December 22, 2013

December at the Long Beach Cycle Swap with 24CYCLES

Great day for a Swap... perfect SoCal weather. Atom/24Cycles (and by default Lady Hump) can now be found located monthly in spots 810-811-812. Be sure to swing by and hug up some dudes... Miss Dixienormas stopped by the 24Cycles booth where we were selling Escape To Hazzard County Calendars for 2014. Met a couple of people I didn't know that we featured inside the Calendar, that was pretty cool. 

Miss Dixienornormas and her husband Mr Debauchery were selling their goods at their own Jackalope shot down the row from us, pretty killer stuff from their collection, also available through @jacalopetradeshop on IG if you spy something you can't live without. They're good Hazzard people!

Cool Van in the parking lot

Spied in a random vendor spot, Drill Team tanks, wow!

Some bikes in the lot 
(Lot was pretty empty today, but the swap was full. Most peole drove gift shopping I think...?)

Wanna get your own 2014 Calendar?

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