Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just what are those Duke Boys up to now? Hazzard County 2 is a Calendar... You don't say? I do indeed, yes Sir.

Well, we did it. The good ol' boys of Hazzard County, the Gasser Lounge and Lady Hump proudly present, that we went n' made the hillbilly campout of the year into a Calendar for 2014. Filled with all the juicy sweetness of the apple pie moonshine you drank during that one epic all-nighter in Hazzard County! Full color gloss and more pics than the average boring calendar you'd get for Christmas from the one cheek pinching Aunt Bobbi Jo that hasn't a clue what to really get you but thinks you need a little organization in your rebellious youth... this Calendar is going to be the mule kick to the back of your head that knocks you into next year and out the other side!!! photography by the James Exley.

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