Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Super Deluxe @ Gasser Lounge

You know we tried to keep it under control, but once we let a little out we couldn't stop it from getting all over the place!  Now we've got a four-alarm sexy inferno going on that can only be put out with one thing... champagne!  Good thing we stocked up.  

After a year like 2013, there's only one way to go out- with a BANG, brah!  Don't ring in the new year at some dumb house party watching that fruit Ryan Seacrest pretend he's showing you a good time... cuz he's not.  The only thing that guy wants to show you is a waist-high puppet show behind a dumpster in back of Denny's.  BA-ZING!

We've got a great night planned for you right here at Gasser Lounge this New Year's Eve chock full of good-time music, well-dressed folks, and (of course) dumb shennanigans.   All seating is first-come, first served and we don't want it to look like the cows piling into Wal-Mart when they open the doors on Black Friday so do yourselves a favor and arrive early.  Also, here's a little bar etiquette for NYE- don't wait until 11:55pm to refresh your drinks.  Do yourself a favor and order your next round as early as possible so our staff can get to everyone in time.  We'll be very busy with the champagne toast at midnight and we don't want ANYONE ringing in 2014 with an empty glass!!

Our Beloved Kings take on the Dallas Stars at 5pm, and we'll be open at 4pm so you can get all settled in before the puck drops... and we don't want to hear any crap about how you can't come watch the game and still make it out for the midnight festivities, either.  We've been conditioning you all year long and guess what?  You're ready, kid.  Now strap on your big boy skates and prance on out to center ice so we can all get a good look at what a full-grown party animal looks like.  Oh, how majestic!

New Year's Day we'll be open at 9am as Georgia takes on Nebraska in the Holy Fuck That Is Way Too Early To Wake Up After a Night at Gasser bowl.  9am?  Seriously?!  Awesome.  Guarantee we'll still be wearing the remnants of our outfits from the night before... and probably still have the buzz going too.  Pure class.

We'll also be showing the first game of the NHL Winter Classic Series at 10am as the Red Wings take on the Maple Leafs.  (Shouldn't it be Maple Leaves?)  We can pretty much guarantee that hockey players don't know how to NOT drink on NYE so this game might just be a drunken slug fest.  Should be fun.

Alright then.  We have to go dig out the fancy crap we balled up and threw in the back of the closet after last New Year's party.  After all, we don't want Ryan Seacrest to be late for his big night.  Oh bam!  We got him again!  Let's party, folks.

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