Friday, December 20, 2013


2013 Best of Lady Hump, No.1
Escape To Hazzard County 2 was for sure, the funnest camping trip / event we've ever been too. All the moons of Jupiter were in perfect alignment and the threat of bad weather "Behemoth" graced us with a perfect weekend. True there were some who passed out early and missed the all-nighter, but we told you it was going to be all night long, you've got no one but yourself to blame...

Wuss Army Kit
The sign read "The Freindiest Place in California..." to begin with and I thought people wouldn't get it so we added the missing "l"... either way, it's the spirit of friendship that made Hazzard County rock so hard. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a good time with us. Sure there were some very minor retard moves, but all in all everything was a success. Sincerely, Thank you. 

"The Cock Fight" (in homage, if not a indirect rip-off of the Coctagon), "what's stupider than whiffle-ball bats?" Rubber Chickens I think... The Daisy Duke / Miss Hazzard County 2013 Contest, the "Hillbilly Games" crowing the He-Man of Hazzard County, the live bands... 
(pic by Truckneck ... I think?)

(5 pics above by James Exley)

... the booze. Lots' and lots of booze.

Thanks to Alan Stedman who kept the artwork flowing every time I dropped a dime with a new idea! Thank you Sir.

Yeah, those are Raffle Prizes under chicken wire! Super huge thanks once again to Sailor Jerry, Biltwell Inc., After Hours Choppers, B.A. Moto, Chop Cult, Zombie Performance (with 11 sets of bars, wtf???), Americana Speed Shop, Wrench Magazine, WNDRZ, Speed King Steve, Caballero Choppers, Lone Rangers MC, Loud n' Greasy, and neither last nor least, Rolling Heavy Magazine. And everyone else who (in the spirit of things) brought in more give-aways and just added to the mix!

 You know what it takes to make just the chili dinner for 500+ people? A lot of damn beans!, 200 lbs of ground beef, lots of other parts, spices, sauces, and lots of pots... proper planning makes things doable, thanks to Lady Alizon for organizing that and all the Kitchen Vixens who volunteered to help! Crazy, yeah, a little. And you need a truck to haul it all up to Hazzard County too...

When and Where did you pass out?
Goodnight Sweet Prince(s), you earned this rest... until next year

There will be a short HC2 Movie premier at the Gasser Lounge sometime in late January... we'll keep you posted. We also take a little break (stop posting) on the Lady Hump until January 1st'ish so we can all spend time focused on family (even if that family is YOU). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Mikey's @gasserlounge got the raddest blanket...
Thanks for another great year of visiting the Lady Hump (for some reason you chose to spend some amount of your free time here, thank you. I had 541 post this year compared to 1007 last year(?), but it sure felt like I was even busier this year over last on the blog. Plus we added another blog to our family and put a lot more work into our events and parties all year long (not to mention free shop rags at every ride we hosted!, yeah, that was a lot of out of pocket change... still waiting for the one guy who must have collected them all?)(Not to mention those missing posts probably went into the @Lady_Hump IG feed, hit that if you need even more Lady Hump in your life).

... and if I don't see you again; good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


spuddley said...

I check LadyHump almost every day for light entertainment as well as the sophisticated wit, humour and observations.

Viva La LadyHump!

Read you next year.

Sportsters RULE.

m out



hell yeah! i made it to the top two events! Boom! thanks for the good times.