Friday, March 29, 2013

SECTOR ZERO ZERO ONE; Is Star Fleet safe ???

"Wait a minute Bro. There was a Borg sighting at the Love Cycles Camp Out. You better not be a Borg Spy trying to infiltrate Star Fleet. I will sort you out." ~ CRFyou

Come and see for yourself ?


March 30th 2013

Leaving Spacedock Gasser Lounge at 1100 Hours.
FREE ride buttons courtesy of the Gasser Lounge!!!

... and don't forget who's coming at midnight.

Oil & Water (random pictures)

Garage Co. 3/23 pics by CRFyou

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who are those Gorgeos people...? OIL & WATER

Well, I'm sure you know them... 

We've also got our hands on the CRFyou ride pictures from the Oil & Water art show on March 9th and the ride from Biltwell to wherever the show was held... we don't know cause, we weren't there! CRFyou in da' Hump! ... all week long, and the week after, and the week after that too...

CRFyou is behind the wheel; Garage Co. Party Pics from 3/23/2013

Our BFF CRFyou has been behind the lense at Lady Hump Photography School for Gifted Children this month and he's turned in his homework for the past couple weeks so that means we've got lots and lots of photos to share on the Lady Hump! Oh boy!!! You're about to see more choppers (and some other less worthy motorcycles) and releated bike(r) event (chop cult type bike stuff not HOG events crap) pictures than one persons could simply capture on their own (cause if their was two events; I went one way, CRFyou went the other... double dippin' taggin bro! That's how they do it in pornos!!!) Well, we got that. 

Garage Co. Pre-Born Free 5 Party on March 23rd 2013
Inglewood CA.

These are the Mainden Voiages of the Star Ship Lady Hump

Destination Planet: Vasquez Roxx, March 30th 2013
11:00 AM Departure from Stargate: Gasser Lounge

The Vulcan Jesus Ride

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

::: Hazzard County Portraits :::

Some of you have been asking me, "When are the Hazzard County Portraits going to be up?" Well, they're up and ready for you to check out! .. all of them! Follow this the instuctions below:

Click on the ABOVE Link.
Use the following Login / Password:

Password: allenlovesunicorns


Pon Farr anyone?
Coming to Vasquez Rocks on the VULCAN JESUS RIDE
March 30th 2013
Leaving the Gasser Lounge at 11:00 AM
Be there recruit...

Slims Fab Farm

Thanks Slim! You make grown men moan... even if they don't, won't, or can't admit it. You do.

SPORTSTERS RUIN (Post No.6) Slims Fab #610

First order of Business, give props to the one and only SLIM FAB

We're not afraid to give credit where credit is due. And let me tell you all, this is one of those moments in life when you know, for an absolute certainty, that you made the right choice. Many have made that same choice before us (#609 in fact, since we're #610... in his frame building history), only some aren't as forward as we are going to be; right here, right now. This build, this undertaking, it all hinges on the foundation, and the foundation is the modifications that Slim made to our frame. Mike Torres, our resident Gasser Lounge local, came up with the specs that Slim (as the pictures show) made a reality. 

I demanded that (if nothing else) we incorporate a straight back-bone on this build. Soak in the excellence of that bone!!! Soak in that Glory.

The Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge / Sailor Jerry's SPORTSTERS RUIN build is moving forward... Stay tuned Bloggosphere.

Welcome Back Jesus... Again!!!

First, you go on the VULCAN JESUS RIDE.
Then, you come back to the bar for a "meet and greet" with the one, the only, Holy of Holies, Mole' of Molies' heressss....... Jesus!!! 
He'll make an appearance at midnight... you want to be there.
You want to receive the Blood of Christ.

Monday, March 25, 2013

FARTBARF April 7th


Retard Story Pending:
I've been looking at this picture for months now. Sometimes it's posted here, sometimes it's posted there. And for this entire time, nearly four months later, I never realized I was in the picture... 
To be sure.

"Sometimes, I even amaze myself. That makes One."


We're (no duh hu?) working on something special for this ride/event. Let's just tease it at, "Pon Farr..."

and buttons too.

Busy weekend but we'll have a ton of photos up and about later tonight or early tomorrow morning at the latest. Getting ready for The VULCAN JESUS Ride and WELCOME BACK JESUS ain't going to rub itself off. These things take time... 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Official BEST ENTRY in Hermosa Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013

Really, you can't beat that with a Stick... but we're going to give it a Gasser Lounge try, that's for sure!

Thank you HERMOSA BEACH!!!

2013 St. Patrick's Day Parade