Monday, January 27, 2014

Chicks Dig Scars Bro...

 Everybody should know Naked Rob by now. If you don't it's because you're short on your Lady Hump homework and you're going to have to go back and review the lesson plans (that, or watch some of our vimeo footage from his epic fire jumps). So he's limping around because a curb got the better of him. I tell him, don't sweat it. Chicks dig scars.
That or they'll think you've got some serious rugburn action going on...
and that could work either way.

Although it's not a guarantee. We do offer sticker replacement warranties * for when you lay down your sa'wheat ride. If you damage a sticker in an accident, and if'n we think you're legit holmes, we'll hand you a replacement at the swap if you weave us a tale. (* some stickers are out of stock).


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