Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday AMUSED MUSE

Amused Muse (Gasser Lounge / Lady Hump regular, Hazzard County veteran) had a Birthday Party last night at Fusion Sushi and there was a baby in the cake. I'm not even sure why, but I guess it has something to do with Mardi Gras? Initially I thought it to be lil' baby Jesus, but you eat the body and the blood not the cake and the baby... (and why wouldn't you load a cake up with small toys when you're baking it. Come to think of it, someones getting a bunch of plastic bugs in their next cake... hummmm.)

We also got the proof from the new photography journal, gave it a once over and sent it to print.

that's SO chopper is currently available for pre-sale in the Lady Hump bigcartel store (link at the top of page) but for everyone local, during the upcoming SUE BOY RIDE on February 22nd at the Gasser Lounge we'll once again be issuing free raffle tickets along the route (yeah, you gotta GO on the ride to even get a raffle ticket) and once we return to the bar that night to properly toast Mr. Johnny Cash (as it will be his birthday!), we'll select some lucky riders who'll win a free copy. You must be present to win, and whatever other restrictions we decide upon at the time... maybe we'll give one out for best dressed as Mr. Cash has specified, if you're going to celebrate his birthday, you do so dressed in all BLACK.

I can't stop looking into Shawn's eyes...

And... assuming there's no hangover problems... (big assumption), the next morning we'll be at the Long Beach Cycle Swap boothing with the ever handsome Atom Rotten of 24Cycles fame. Come by-and-by and buy a copy. Special pricing at the swap (don't be fooled it's only because we don't have to charge you for the packaging and shipping fees. Bubble mailers ain't cheap Bro... pop, pop, pop. You play with them for a minute then you're distracted like a four year old. But we ship you a copy without one and it's the END OF THE WORLD {insert Jazz Hands} if your cover gets scratched or torn. Can I get an ah'men. The Church said "Halle'penyo!")

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