Sunday, January 5, 2014

LAX to MOB (aka) The Pitch (aka) The Sons of Dharma (an original Lady Hump treatment)

Later this month, January 9th, 2014 to be exact, Lady Hump will finally "Make a Wish" come true and travel from Los Angeles to Mumbai. The destination, as some of you already know is the famed (rising) television and movie capitol of the World. We've been practicing up on our Hinglish and have secured a meeting with the top executive producers (second assistants office) of the private television channel Colors in India. Special thanks goes out to those of you who have helped finanace this trip and supported us along the way!

The Pitch: Sons of Dharma M/C (television series)

There are over 37 million motorcycles and mopeds in India. It's time for a television drama in India that markets toward them. Looking at a "like" hit motorcycle drama show from the U.S. market, even it's top rated episode only garnered 6.4 million viewers for the season finally, the most watched episode of the entire series. Obviously to potential in India is far far superior. That coupled with the emergence and affordability (data unavailable at time of writing) of U.S. brand motorcycle dealerships popping up all over the country can only be a pillar for sexy success! 

The Sons of Dharma will revolve around the lives of a close knit motorcycle club operating in Delhi. The show focuses on protagonist Jax'ieer Katellur (played by American actor Kanul Nayyar), the then vice-president of the club who begins questioning the club and whether or not there is a all-pervasive supreme being and more importantly "What would He Ride?"

"Should I take a penny or leave a penny?"

Jax'ieers step-father, Guptah "Clagi" Taj'Monroe, current club president will be played by Danny Devito (salary negotiations pending) who will be his primary adversary in the first three seasons. Each season will consist of dozens of crossing confusing and parallel plot lines centering on the personal lives of the various club members, their illegal businesses (their brothels and gun smuggling operations), rival M/C gangs (will 37 million bikers in the country, there'll be a rival gang on every other city block), political corruption, telemarketing, dowry murders, kidnappings, taxi repair, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, convenience store management, and the delicate but inherent inability for Jax'ieer to take the club out of "Black Market" dealings and secure his Absolute Transcendence with the Universe. 

All that mixed in with a Bollywood musical number every episode is a sure fire guaranteed money maker! They'd be crazy not to buy into this completely original television sitcom pitch!!!

While overseas, I'll also be working on editing the (2013 Vol.) next Lady Hump photography book due out by the first week of February... watch for those details. Good journey to you!

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