Friday, January 31, 2014

Mikey B's Mega Fun Super Bowl House Party @ Gasser Lounge

Here's the perfect chance to get out for a ride, get away from the screaming kids (and join a group of screaming adults), not be bothered by running out of beer and having to break out last years stale bottles of half drunk two buck chuck. No one's going to ask you to run to the store to pick up a stick of butter. No one's going to ask you to go clean the patio because guests are coming over. No office politics, no conspiracy theory conversations you're trapped into, no eyeballing the weird cousin picking his nose in the corner wiping it on your walls. No ones going to tell you they need you to help them during half time (and by help they mean, take some neighbors poodle for a walk because he just pee-pee'd on your bedroom carpet... nah.

 Souvenir Football Glass Steins, buy a 20 oz. bitchen brew for $5, keep the glass! Each one hand engraved by our own talented Taranchula Claw Lincoln, and there's only 50 and we're claiming the "01" and the "Lady Hump" so that only leaves you 48 to snatch one from... so come early or you'll miss out. 

Mikey B's Mega Fun Super Bowl House Party at the Gasser Lounge
(open at noon Sunday)

Instagram: @gasserlounge @taranchulaclawlincoln @lady_hump

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