Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Day in Court for Yawnny Cash

 When the Champs play a dirty sax solo, someone has to get on the bar and dance. Handstands were never in Pee Wee's Big Adventure so for failure to adhere to movie standards Yawnny Cash was placed on trial, and immediately found guilty of breaking the N.E.U. Treaty (as you all know, which is the "No Expanded Universe Treaty" started post ROTJ in late 1983 or early 1984, but can really be traced back to Splinter of the Minds Eye (1978); The "NEUT", Yes, originally of Star Wars, it also applies to all other movies and related merchandise. Because let's face it, EU sucks hard. and Pee Wee Herman doesn't handstand at least not without tip toeing cross the bar first...)

Which I guess means Yawnny Cash should thus be "Neut'ered" for his crimes???

(Jesus how far are you going to stretch jokes that no one gets?... what a waste of perfectly good blog space because so much blog space is being wasted with useless drivel).

 New Years Party don't have to end after midnight, they can go well into the next day.

New Years Day Babes Duet Rides all around...

 You think your little puny vape cigarette is something novel? Guess again. Try atomizing half a gallon of fog juice and come tell us how many packs a day you used to smoke... nah.

Wear a Blue Stripe on your Pantaloons boys.

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