Sunday, January 26, 2014

Traci Lords For President

Traci Lords most famous qoute;

"You wanna learn about America, Inga? In America, we like boys! We like hot boys! Boys with roaming hands and rushing fingers!" ... and, I believe the next words go something like this; "Boys with hot Sportsters..." etc. etc.

In Long Beach, in the sea of over-priced over-accessorized over-culterized baggers and lowriders, there's Sporsters hiding amongst the sheep. 

Worthy of the fold of the Lady Hump blog.
I can't tell you how many Weekend Warriors there are at this swap but there was enough to keep me searching for Big Foot, Nelly, or the rarer... chopper.


Johnny Wolf said...

Fuckin' rad!

I wonder how many Hog Chapter/SOA experts were heard saying aloud, "hey, check out the nitrous bottle."

dkb/Oily Side Down said...

FYI: This bike was built by Lil Mike out of Sacramento CA. The same builder of the BF4 "Best Sportster"