Friday, February 28, 2014

The RUCKUS RIDE is coming!!!

Our Third Annual RUCKUS RIDE, just one small part of our Saint Patricks Day Celebration at the Gasser Lounge hosting the "SHAMRUCKUS" Party all day long. This is our moto-pilgrimage over the Verdes Horn (about as close as we're going to get to Cliffs of Moher, here in So Cal), dine on some Stag Stew (I don't even know if they have deer stew as a delicacy in Ireland?) and travel to the Legendary Leprechaun city of El Segundo where each will pluck their luck from the "Magical Potato Tree." She buds but once a year and this is her prime starchy blossom for thee. Also appearing in a very special tea-bag Blessing of the Bikes is St. Mikey, The Patron Saint of Inebriation. The fabled "Lady of the Hump" will be on hand issuing FREE Shop Rags (and buttons too) for anyone who blows their Clover Nog. (Free shop rags first 50 riders only)

Get your exclusive Muse Button on the RUCKUS RIDE! 
And remember, our button pins are 100% STD free... in case you've wondered,
but Tetanus Shots recommended if it's been over 10 years...

Bust out your Scottish Kilts to celebrate this Irish Holiday!!!

Yeah, we dress up our bikes too...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SUE BOY 3 RIDE (post 2)

More photography from the 3rd annual SUE BOY RIDE
We held the ride on the 22nd, but today is the actual birthday of MR. JOHNNY CASH! Happy Birthday Sir.

Abandoned Zoo.
Unicorn Pole Dancer.
Ice Cream Social.
Simian Psychotherapist, instant diagnosis only .05 cents!
Behind Bars 
(Animals pooped in those cages buddy...)

Yeah, I did not notice that custom LadyHump side-patch until I was looking through the photos. Very cool.

Dr. Zaius says, "I think this Lady Hump is not right in the skull. I might need to operate?"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's a VLOG ??? SueBoy ride! 50+ bikes to LA and back!

So you're probably wondering what's a VLOG? Hell if I know (cause I dont) but I've seen my first one (below) and it's on our own SUE BOY RIDE!!! What the hell, that's rad. Thanks to electrobattleweapon8 (aka John Jimison) for putting us on their radar and throwing us some love! The following is taken directly from/off their Youtube promo. Check it out, and SUBSCRIBE to their VLOG(s), how can you go wrong (it's not like you're doing anything more important)(you ain't)(face reality)(check this shit out!) Yep. 
Unicorns, Rianbows and Muppets! 
I love that shit.
And pay special attention to the Branden comment about ten or so minutes in... snicker snicker snicker.

who's ready for 28 minutes of choppers, beer, speeding, yammering, lane splitting, getting lost, abandoned zoos, more beer, bigfoot, manwolfs, fog, ginuwine, and muppets?! 
follow (Instagram) @gasserlounge and @lady_hump! next ride is St. Patrick's Day!

and if you wanna just head straight over to YouTube and watch it, here you go (in HD): CLICK ME 

Thanks again Jimison. Can't wait to ride with you again. Next one's going to be less freeways, a way more scenic route.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

SUE BOY 3 RIDE (post 1)

 It's just the start of the 3rd annual SUE BOY RIDE from the Gasser Lounge kicking off the annual Johnny Cash Birthday Bash. This years ride was by far the largest and one of the funnest "bar hop" type dealy 'ohs thrown (about) every month (themes vary) by LadyHump and the Gasser Lounge.
Thanks for everyone who came out and rolled, partied, drank the night away, enjoyed some fine Curly Wolf and toasted the Birthday of the one and only, Mr. Johnny Cash! You out of town Chop Culters who made it from start to finish (over twelve hours of mayhem, music, and booze) I am impressed!

 Lots more pictures coming...

Aquarium of the Pacific meets FARTBARF!!!

(Unicorn Tang LOVES Fartbarf)

Fartbarf LIVE @ NIGHT DIVE, Aquarium of the Pacific 2/21/14

Playing in front of the 2 story tall Aquarium, so much fun.

You may not know it now, but you just made History ...

Today's (and by default, Tonight's) Epicness will be the stuff of legend. Period.

Happy Birthday Lincoln.

Johnny Cash Birthday Bash.

3rd Annual Sue Boy Ride.

"that's SO chopper" 2013 Lady Hump release party.

... I am left speechless my friends. Thank you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Johnny Cash Birthday Bash / Sue Boy 3 Ride Information

The 3rd Annual Sue Boy Ride starts at 3pm from the Gasser Lounge.
We're riding to the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, which will probably be filled with kids celebrating birthdays and traffic and parking that sucks, but we're going Lion taming so bring a whip if you have it.
FYI Griffith Park has a 25 mph speed limit inside the park.

This is where we'll be handing out raffle tickets.

After a brief film shoot we're heading across the river to the Golden Road Brewery for food and drinks. There's a Pub there in the YELLOW bldg (you'll see three large bldgs., Blue, Red, and Yellow. You want the Yellow Bldg.). Not hard to find, but if you've never been there before, it's such a quick trip, one wrong turn and you make it exceptionally longer...

In addition to the Release Party of "that's SO chopper" and the raffle, the first 50 riders get FREE shop rags and buttons. The raffle will occur immediately upon our return to the Gasser Lounge. With the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash and LIVE music, there's just so much going on we need to hustle the raffle, so if you dilly around getting back to the bar, you might miss the raffle.

Local Accommodations near the Gasser Lounge
The closest (and cheapest) motel is the SEASIDE MOTEL 
(approx. 1/4 mile from the bar)
I know there are already some Chop Cult out-of-towners talking about throwing in together for a room. And keep in mind, the very next morning is the Long Beach Cycle Swap, so you can hit two events in one weekend.
...or make it three events, because Deus is having a two year anniversay party this weekend Sat & Sun, as well.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



I don't think he wants the credit, but one Lady Hump regular sent us a Christmas card last year with tickets for a Valentines Date in it for something called Lucha VaVoom!, so finally the time came around to check it out and yeah, rad fucking tickets for a rad show!!! We had to move our chairs at least 4 times because the Mexican Wrestlers would take the battle into the audience or stag dive into the crowd... totally insane evening. You can find a lot better pictures online than my cell phone shots, but man, Thank you Arturo. Most of my wrestling shots are just out of focus blurs, so crazy... ~ Lady Alizon


Karis could hula' hoop like nothing I've ever seen before! 

The Crazy Chickens

Saturday, February 15, 2014

that's SO chopper RELEASE PARTY

Feb 22nd 2014 at 3pm, the 3rd annual SUE BOY RIDE leaves for Zoo'tastic adventure!
FREE shop rags for all riders and raffle tickets handed out somewhere along the route for your chance to win a free copy of "that's SO chopper" once we get back to the bar... See you there!

Or the next morning at the LBCS, we'll be selling them at the 24Cycles booth.

The Continuing (fini) Story of The Man with The Broach

It's the end of the story. After reading this one, I doubt there's any reason to keep lighting that candle, right? The mystery of the Broach may never be solved... 

(not exactly)
"Dude. Get some glasses, that's just a red dragon fly"

And as I'm sure, all of you (including us) missed the article, here's the link to Los Angeles Magazine's tell all tale of the "Secret Life of Johnny Lewis." A very good read for every Sons of Anarchy fan (as if) and everyone else intrigued by the overall hype surrounding his (now defunct rumor) that he was high on bath salts.

And more accurately some new synthetic version named "Smiles" curiously never mentioned in the article by name, his Triumph accident, his arrests, his fame... well, maybe until "E" True Hollywood Stories gives him a solid 45 minutes of more fame... if the "Church" allows it? Hummm...

More on Smiles here: Live Science

Excerpt from the Jan 30th 2014 article...
"Across the hall from Lewis’s room was the master bedroom—Cathy Davis’s room. There was blood on her bed frame, wall, table, and chair. On the floor next to the bed lay her body. The blunt-force trauma to her head “fractured her entire skull and obliterated the left side of her face, leaving her brain exposed,” wrote Coroner’s Office medical examiner Kelli Blanchard in her report. “Brain and tissue matter seen on the floor around her. Her face is covered in blood. Her nose is split down the middle and her upper jaw is split open.” There were also four small puncture wounds on her left cheek, presumably from a mechanical pencil found beside the body. The official report, released two months later, revealed that Davis had been killed by blunt-force trauma to the head."

Rare Zombie Half Sack photo obtained by Lady Hump press pool.