Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Billy Idol says "What The Fuck?"

Yep, those are the male models I scooped up at the Ice Cream social last June, no, wain't then. That was Born Free... I found them and they're still turning heads.

books are in hand and shipping to you starting 2/14.
Thanks everyone who bought pre-sales (the first 100 are numbered)

"Dear Lady Hump;
Your sense of humor is distracting, distasteful, and has nothing to do with anything motorcycle related. In fact, it often causes the viewer to "miss the point" of your lame jokes (EDIT: read marketing) and I thought you should know that because of your obvious hatred toward the mainstream and apparently the underground chopper and bobber scenes too(?) (EDIT: read "hipsters") I for one am boycotting your store and the products you carry.

Joey Coco"

That's great, now you've managed to even confuse Amy Winehouse...

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